Replacing front brake pads on Hummer H3

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H3 comes with disk front and rear brakes, which makes the pad replacement really easy.

Tools needed






14mm and 18mm sockets


Velcro tie or a stiff wire

C-clamp tool

Front brake pads replacement

  1. Loosen the lug nuts
  2. Block the diagonally opposite tire, to prevent the car from rolling
  3. Raise the car placing the jack under the designated spot, which you can find in the user manual (page 5-77)
  4. Remove the lug nuts
  5. Remove the wheel

    Tire removed

    Tire removed

  6. Using a ratchet with18mm socket, unscrew two mount bolts holding the caliper in place.
  7. Use a stiff wire or a Velcro tie to hang the caliper of the steering arm so that it does not get damaged.
  8. There are two pins and a spring holding the pads together. Remove the pins and then the spring

    Front caliper

    Front caliper

  9. Pull the pads out of the caliper
  10. Push the caliper pistons into the caliper. There are two pistons on each side of the front brake assembly, using a C-clamp and an old brake pad to distribute the pressure evenly. Take care not to damage the pistons.
  11. Insert the new pads into the caliper. If the pads came with the anti-squealing applicators – attach them on the outside of the pads (not the sides that will touch the rotors). Insert the pins and the spring. Secure the pins.
  12. Replace the caliper; secure it with the mounting bolts.
  13. Replace the wheel. Hand -tighten the lug nuts.
  14. Lower the car
  15. Tighten the lug nuts.
  16. Open the hood and remove the excess brake fluid


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  1. Dan

    Thanks, that is the only post about changing pads on H3 i could find.
    But what about pictures? That would be helpful.

    • admin

      Pictures are posted. More to come.

  2. Dean Huppert

    The bolts holding on the calipers were really tough to get. I had to use a big breaker bar to get them loose. And at first I didn’t realize the pads on the front were very different from the pads on the back. Cranking the wheel all the way to the outside helped with access to get the bolts off quicker. Pay attention to how the spring goes on because the replacement pads don’t come with that spring or the little springs that hold the long bolt that goes throught the pads in place.

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